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Who doesn’t like pets? Dogs are a popular choice for pets because they help us in so many ways. Some breeds and types give us a good idea of ​​what you want in pets and what kind of pet is right for your family and lifestyle. Here is a fun trivia quiz on identifying selected specie breed of some dogs with pictures.

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Can You Identify This Beautiful Dog Breed?

Dog Trivia Quiz
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The golden retriever is originated from Scotland, United Kingdom, and England. It is very reliable, trustworthy, kind, and intelligent. Its height is for females varies from 55-57cm and male 58-61cm. Weight of male 29.5-34 kg and for females 25-32 kg. These are used as guide dogs. The life span is about 11-12 years.

What is the name of this Dog Breed?

Dog Quiz
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It got originated in china. Other names are Chinese Lion Dog and Chrysanthemum Dog. They are litter in size up to 1-8. Weight for both females and males varies from 8.8-16 lbs. Height is also the same for both ranges from 7.9-11 inches. It is available in some colors like brindle red, gold, etc. These are playful, outgoing, loyal, and gentle. The life span of Shi is 10-16 years.

Can You Remember This Popular Breed?

Rottweiler Dog quiz
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This dog originates from Germany with nicknames like Rott, Rottie. There are very distinctive color markings on this dog and come in black, well-defined mahogany that doesn’t cover more than ten per cent of its body. The male Rottweiler stands at the height of 24-27 inches, weighing 95-135 pounds, and a female stands at the height of 22-25 inches weighing 80-100 pounds. It is popularly known for its loyal, loving, and confidant guardian nature. The life expectancy of this dog is 9-10 years.

What Is The Of This Beautiful Breed?

Pomeranian quiz
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Pomeranian is named after region Pomeranian in central Europe. It is also called as Deutscher Spitz. Pet names are pompom, pom, and tumbleweed. These became popular by royal owners since the 18th century. It is a breed dog of spitz type. It is in a petite size. Its height of about 20cm and mass of body ranges between 1.9-3.5 kg. This type of dog breed is very playful, active, intelligent, extroverted, sociable, and friendly. The life span is of 12-16 years.

Identify These Awesome Breeds

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These are mostly seen in France and Germany. It is very active, alert, intelligent, faithful, and even trained. Height ranges from 35-45cm. It is a water type of dog. Poodles worn Best in the show in 1966 and 1982 and also awarded. These types of pet dogs are available in multiple colors. The life span is about 12-15 years.

What Is The Name Of This Breed?

Corgi trivia quiz
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Corgi puppies are low-set, sturdy, active little dogs. They were originally bred as herding dogs so they are swift, independent and intelligent. Corgi puppies are highly trainable and very eager to please. They are outgoing, friendly and adaptable to country as well as city living.

I Bet You Don't Know This Breed

Trivia Dog Quiz
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This breed got originated in china and now known as “Fluffy Lion-dog.” Other names are Tang Quan and Dog of the Tang Quan. These dogs are found as guardians in front of Buddhist temples and places. These are mostly kept as pets. These are loyal, independent, quiet, and reserved. Its coat will be thick and coarse. Height is typical for both males and females that are 17- 20 inches. Weight for the male is 55-70 pounds and for females 45-60 pounds. Its litter size is 3-6. Life span varies from 9-15 years.

What Of This Beautiful Breed?

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Border Collie is developed for herding livestock of sheep at boarders. These are acrobatic, energetic, athletic, and smart. These are well known as a Scottish sheepdog. Death occurs due to cancer, old age, and cerebral vascular afflictions. On average, the life span is of 13-16 years. Size of the male in height 48-56cm and weighs about 13.6-20.4kg. In terms of female height is 46-53cm, and weight is 12.2-19 kg.

What is the Name Of This Cute Puppy?

Beagle Dog Trivia Quiz
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This dog originates in the united kingdom, England, Great Britain. It is primarily bred to recognize scents proving to be a perfect hunting dog and enjoy the company of others. Lemon & White, White & tan, tricolor, chocolate & white, red & white are some colors in which you can find this dog. A beagle at the height of 13 inches and under weighs 20 pounds, and the dogs at 13-15 inches height weigh around 20-30 pounds. Beagle is a friendly, merry, and curious dog with a life expectancy of 10- 15 years.

Can You Identify This Beautiful Breed?

Alaskan Malamute Dog Trivia Quiz
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It got originated from the United States Alaska. It is a large breed of domestic dog. Its haul is very freight because of this strength and endurance. The weight of the male is 55 kg, and the female is 38 kg. The height of the female is 61cm and male 70cm. Its coat is thicker and double coat with plush undercoat. It is generally seen in grey, sable, black, or red and white. The size of a litter is 4-10 puppies. The life span of this breed dog is up to 16 years.

What is The Name Of This Beautiful Breed

Afghan Hound Dog Trivia Quiz
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As the name suggests, it originated from Afghanistan with a local name Tazi. An Afghan hound male stands at 27 inches, and female stands at 25 inches, weighing 50 to 60 pounds. The temperament of these dogs is mostly aloof and dignified, but it is also a fun-loving creature. They come in black, red, and cream colors. The life expectancy of the afghan hound is 12 to 15 years.

Can You Identify This Breed?

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It got originated from Italy and Switzerland. Other names are St.Bernhardshund, Alpine Mastiff, and Bernhardiner. It has a nickname saint. The average weight of breed lies between 65-120 kg and height is 70-90 cm. The coat is smoother and rough. It is gentle, calm, and friendly. The life span is of about 8-10 years.

As a Dog Lover, Can You Identify These Beautiful Puppy Breeds?
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